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Bon Voyage Travel Services transforms your dream vacations into reality with unparalleled expertise in cruises and Caribbean escapes. Located in vibrant Tampa Bay, Florida, we specialize in crafting custom travel experiences tailored to your interests and budget.

Whether you’re looking to embark on a luxurious cruise, explore the lush landscapes of the Caribbean, or immerse yourself in the rich culture of Jamaica, Bon Voyage Travel Services is your gateway to extraordinary adventures.

Our deep knowledge and close partnerships with tourist boards and local vendors ensure we’re always equipped to offer the most current and exciting vacation options.

Personalized Adventures and Retreats

For those who’ve sailed the typical routes and are dreaming of a deeper connection to their destination, we offer journeys that go beyond the ordinary.

From thrilling ATV rides in the Jamaican mountains to serene beach retreats in Barbados, our itineraries are designed to reflect your personality and exceed your expectations.

Luxury seekers will find solace in our curated selection of high-end accommodations and exclusive experiences, while adventure enthusiasts will revel in our action-packed excursions.

And for those seeking relaxation, our wellness retreats in tranquil Caribbean settings offer yoga, meditation, and beachside massages tailored to rejuvenate body and mind. Whatever your dream vacation looks like, we strive to make it a reality.

Bon Voyage Travel Services
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Bon Voyage Travel Services is the expert in Cruises and Caribbean Travel

The Ultimate Cruise Experience

You’ll have access to the best ships, suites, and itineraries. From all-inclusive cruises to intimate boutique ships, we match you with the cruise that best fits your travel style.

Customized Vacation Planning

We believe in personalizing every aspect of your vacation. Our tailored travel planning begins with your vision—whether it’s a romantic getaway, family adventure, or solo exploration—and ends with a meticulously planned itinerary that caters to your every need.

Exclusive Caribbean Getaways

Through our insider connections, we unlock exclusive experiences in the Caribbean’s most coveted destinations. Enjoy private tours, hidden gems, and cultural immersions that typical tourists never see.

Safety and Comfort

Your safety and comfort are our top priorities. We stay informed on the latest travel advisories and ensure every aspect of your trip complies with local regulations. Travel with peace of mind, knowing every detail has been carefully considered and arranged.

VIP Service from Start to Finish

Leave the planning to us. From accommodations and transportation* to dining and excursions, we handle all the arrangements so you can focus on enjoying your vacation. Our commitment to excellence means you can expect a hassle-free, memorable travel experience. *Does not include air travel.

Insider Tips and Recommendations:

Our passion for travel and commitment to our clients shine through in every trip we plan. Benefit from our insider knowledge and personal recommendations to make the most of your Caribbean adventure or cruise vacation.


Answers to Your Travel Questions

Bon Voyage Travel Services doesn’t just save you time researching and making decisions, we can also handle changes and other issues that may pop up before or during your trip.

If your flight is canceled or rescheduled, we will find our clients another flight out and secure it while there are 50 people waiting in line to talk to the customer service person.

My clients have my cell phone number to reach me in any case of any urgency.

Need dinner reservations? Hotel Room? Tour Tickets? We handle every detail of your vacation from start to finish so you can have more family time.

One of the top reasons to use our travel agency is that we will make personalized recommendations and offer tips on destinations, what to see and do while on vacation, the best and worst times to travel, and much more.

Having visited the destinations and experienced the vacations, we can recommend to our clients our first-hand experiences.

“First-hand experience is immeasurable — and extremely important depending on the needs of the client,”

Bon Voyage Travel Services act as the traveler’s advocate in the event something goes wrong, helping navigate the challenge of making any necessary itinerary changes.  If there are any price changes, we will notify you.

Share your travel dates, budget, and preferences with us, and we’ll craft a customized itinerary just for you.

As certified specialists in destinations like Jamaica and the Caribbean, we offer insider access and tailored experiences based on direct training and continuous updates from tourist boards.

Yes, we specialize in cruises, including all-inclusive packages and customized land vacations in the Caribbean, Jamaica, and beyond.

Booking as early as possible is recommended to secure the best rates and accommodations, especially for peak travel seasons.

Yes, we can create a tentative plan for you. Finalizing dates early, however, helps secure the best rates and availability.

Travel documents will be available 30-60 days before departure. Full itineraries are sent via email or USPS mail 20-30 days before departure.

There are all-inclusive hotel packages in the Caribbean that include all of your meals and drinks. 

Cruise ships include all meals and most snacks excluding the specialty restaurants which charge a small cover charge. Reservations are suggested at these popular venues as soon as possible. 

Drinks are not included in your cruise fare but drink packages are available for purchase.

Let Bon Voyage Travel Services be your personal travel concierge

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